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Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Video

I just had the opportunity to work with the amazing band NOVEMBER! I did the makeup for the video to their new single and it was a blast! I love when I get to fix guys up and their macho side leaves, and the sensitive side in them comes out. When you are doing their makeup you sit and listen to what they want to "conceal" and it makes you realize how lucky we are to be girls to be able to wake up every morning, put makeup on, and noone thinks anything of it! Poor guys have to go all day with "dark circles" thinning hair, ect. Guys don't get to wear a push up bra, concealer, or tease their hair for a little pick me up!

As always the guys were so amazing to work with and I have seen little pieces of the music video and can't wait to share the whole thing with you! It is really amazing and I feel so blessed to do what I do! I can't wait to have a wrap party and just hang out with them and have a "beer" and be one of the guys! (Hopefully there will be Skinny Margaritas at this wrap party! Those should be a requirement EVERYWHERE! lol) Peace, love and Sparkles!!!!

xoxoxo ~Paulina

Everyone has fears

Landing...makeup off and I can't believe I just did what I did! lol!

Pretending not to be scared!
Facing one of my biggest fears, and having the love of my life by my side the entire time!

That's me!!! Scary huh?

Getting on the little plane! yikes!

My Best Friend, Husband, and Love of my life!
So, I was looking back at what has been an amazing year for me. I have been an artist for over 10 years now, but it wasn't until almost a year ago that I launched out 100% percent on my own. Before that I was working 2-3 days a week at Chanel, which I am grateful for because of the amazing high end courses I was able to take, but really what it was is a security blanket for me. I wanted so very badly to be 100% on my own, and had weddings every weekend already.... but for some reason launching out and not having something firm to land on scared me to death. I also had somene who was close to me constantly bring me down with negativity, which we all have one of those dark clouds in our lives. I honestly don't think she WANTED me to succeed, considering she would never have anything great to say about my work or about me for that matter. Well around March of last year I had to cut her free and decided it was time to make leaps toward my goal! I think of it like jumping out of a plane. To me, when I went skydiving, it was suppose to be just my husband going on the adventure. That day I woke up, it was still breezy outside so I put on a pair of cute jeans and a ralph lauren oxford shirt (typical day wear on a semi cold day) and went to see my hubby jump out of a plane. As we were heading out, my hubby asked me if I wanted to go to. Every hair on my body raised up in fear. Of course I didn't want to do it. It's dangerous, and that was a HUGE fear of mine. Than I started thinking, it's time I finally face my fears! 3 ciggerettes later (don't judge I was stressed! lol) I decided to jump! I have to admit I am surprised I didn't wet myself, because as you can see in the video I was TERRIFIED! However, the feel of accomplishment that I felt after I faced my fear was so amazing! I actually enjoyed the slow ride down after the parachute opened! lol! It was this amazing feeling of.... I faced my fear and now I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING! Got a bully? WHO CARES! YOu just jumped out of the plane! That bully has nothing on jumping thousands of feet into thin air! I took that experience last year and did the same! I leaped into my own buisness because I felt that I could, but unfortunately had black clouds that needed to be blown away from my turf! I can't tell you how scary it is to leave a secured paying job and "jump out" blindly into the unknown. I had such an amazing supportive husband that stood by me because he believed in me! Now almost 6,300 fans (sparkles) later.... I know I made the right choice! I faced my fear and now can't keep track of how many weddings, photoshoots, magazine covers, fashion shows, or national ads I have done! Facing your fear is freeing yourself to accomplish a life long dream. Don't settle or get comfortable just because it's easy. Easy doesn't give you a rush when you are achieving your fantasy! Settling isn't going to make those day dreams you think about behind your office desk come true. Think about what is your fear, and lets make a promise to face them together! Every sparkle should be on my positive bus.... that is why you are my sparkles, you are the light, the positive! We all have dreams.... thats half the process of getting there! Lets stomp our fears sparkles! You are the only one that has the key to your future! Don't forget Peace, Love, and Sparkles!!!!
xoxoxoxo Paulina (I leave you with my skydiving video! I wasn't lying when I say I was TERRIFIED!)

Charity a success!

My Family Minus my Daddy who couldn't make it.


Probably updating my fanpage! lol!

Waiting to go on air!
This month has been an amazing world wind of press meetings, editorials, weddings, and fashion shoots! It has been amazing! It started with two weeks ago when Christy Whithead from the Florida Times Union wrote an amazing story about me and the charity I am contantly talking about! (For those of you new to my blog or fanpage Check out the press page on http://www.paulinaperez.com/ ). From the moment it ran I started getting phone calls from other media sources who were also interested in running the story!
I was on Channel 12 Good Morning Jacksonville (video clip also on my fanpage) on Hola Noticias (the spanish paper ) and Jacksonville Magazine and Luxury Living are both wanting to do press as well! Channel 12 was an amazing experience! It brought me back to my roots of being an ex NEWS GIRL! LOL! I went down to the station with my family and we had such a great time! I got to go on air and makeover my gorgeous little sister on air while I talked about my fundraiser! It was so great to share that moment with the ones I love!
I just recently did a "photo shoot" marathon for the fundraiser and raised an extra $800!!!!! I believe I will do my LAST ONE October 17. I am only opening 10 spots for this one and 3 have already been filled up! If you know ANYONE who would want to do a photoshoot, with hair and makeup included for $125 (all proceeds go to the charity) Please send them my way! Lets make this a HUGE success!!!! Thank you so much sparkles for all of your love!! Peace, Love and Sparkles!!!
xoxo Paulina

Friday, August 20, 2010

Casting Call

OK Sparkles!!! So here is the email I got concerning the engaged couples casting!!! Hope one of my sparkles makes the cut!!! Let me know if you do!! Love the buisnes I am in and happy to connect my sparkles when I can!
This new CMT show is similar to the show "WIFE SWAP" but for engaged couples. Over the course of 5-days, the soon-to-be groom and bride swap lives and go live with their future parent's-in-law to learn more about each other's lives.
The show will shoot over the months of October through December.
*We ask that the families live in the Tallahassee / Gainesville/ Jacksonville area and that both sets of parents are willing to participate.
*Couples must be between the ages of 18-35
*Couples and both sets of parents must be willing to participate in the show
*Couples should not have children and in a perfect world, this is their first marriage
*We need to speak with the couple(s) as soon as possible, to get their story, and to set-up an interview in the next (2) two weeks.
*All interviews are conducted in the homes of the interviewee
*The interview process takes approximately 1 1/2 hours and will be conducted by our casting producers Tennessee Edwards and Laura Connolly.
Yes, there is compensation to spend time with their future in-laws!
If approved for the show, each set of parents will receive $2,000 and the couple receives $1,000.
Again, thank you so much and as time is of the essence, please have them call me directly at 917 209 8543
Good luck sparkles!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


UGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I feel like screaming! I have been on this yo yo diet for 2 months now where I am really good for a week and than once I have my cheat day I don't want to go back to my diet for another 2 weeks! I have gained 20 lbs, and although I don't look fat... I still don't want to make this ok because that is how the weight will continue to go up! I need advice. How do my sparkles keep motivated? I LOVE BAD FOOD! It really makes me happy! I am one of those dorks that watches all the food travel shows and enjoys every detailed description of what the food taste like. The idea of not being able to eat what I want when I want drives me absolutely crazy! The more you try the more you realize EVERYTHING is bad for you! I was told to eat only 1,200 calories to loose weight.... I feel like I am going anorexic doing this. Do people really survive this 1,200 calorie diet without killing someone? lol! Or maybe normal people's moods don't depend on eating amazing yummy scrumptious food!!! lol!!! September 1st I will be a member of a gym and I think that will also help me out..... so if anyone is close to the Queen's Harbour area and wants to work out, maybe I just need a little workout team. Or MAYBE I need to join the couch to 5k teams or start one for myself. Maybe this time next year I will be ready for The Donna Deagan Breast Cancer Marathon. Ok.... well maybe I am jumping way ahead of myself now!! lol! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING WITH THE I LOVE TO EAT DISEASE!!!!! Will I ever loose weight? Or am I destined to keep gaining! OMG I shouldn't even think that out loud! Power of positive thinking right? I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT! I WILL!!!!! So.... anyone interested in doing couch to 5k? lol! We could have a Team Sparkles at the next Marathon!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rosie's Dream Come True

Everyone knows I love my charities, so it should come as no surprise that when Rosie True came to me with the idea of hosting a Rosie's Dream Come True Charity I was interested! They held a contest where you can nominate someone you felt deserved a makeover! This included a makeup consultation and application with me, getting your hair cut, colored, and styled, a complete head to toe outfit from Rosie True, and dinner with friends at Roy's!!!! Last Week the winner was announced and their big makeover day was Saturday!!!! I was so excited to meet Amy the winner, who was a great mother of two who had been through a tough year! We had a blast making her over and just being goofy and girly at Rosie True in Jacksonville Beach! I posted the pics that ran in the paper THE BEACHES LEADER! Thanks for making me a part of this special event! .... and helping me pick out a shirt for myself too! lol!


6 am and the alarm went off! Did I care? NO!!!!! It was time to hop on the plane with my fellow makeup artist buddy Brian Tutunick! We were on our way to Puerto Rico!!!!! I was sad to say bye to Skip and Gianni! Skip and I have never gone to another country while being married WITHOUT each other, but hey.... when life gives you lemons..... you go to Puerto Rico!!! lol!! After we got settled we decided to explore the town.... and boy did we!! We had such an amazing time at the rainforest called el Yunque! You have to hike quite a bit to get to the waterfalls, but once your there...its like heaven! It was soooo beautiful! Old San Juan was also quite a sight to see! The forts and cemetaries were amazing! One of the days we were there we kayaked through a bioluminescent bay and that was just incredible. Everytime you touched the water it glowed! They say there are only 3 places in the world that have them and Puerto Rico has 2 of them! I have to say that night I missed Skip the most. The bay was just so beautiful and romantic. All the stars were out, the glow in the water..... it was like out of a movie.... but I was there to WORK!
When the big Sephora Makeup Event Day finally came, I was a little nervous. Afterall, They had flown me all the way to Puerto Rico to host an event.... but what if noone came? Well, as soon as we showed up, the staff made me feel right at home! They were all so sweet! As I made it out to the makeup stations, I realized how packed the whole place was! There were sparkles from Puerto Rico that were waiting to meet me and get their makeup done by me!!! I even had new sparkles add me on facebook right then and there and wanted to take pictures and were sooooooo sweet! My experience there could not have been any better! I left the event with the store manager telling me what a success this was and inviting me to please come back at the end of the year!!! AMAZING! Although I ate too much amazing Puerto Rican food (and am now pushing the chunky side!! lol) I had the best time and want to thank my sparkles old and new for welcoming me with open arms!!!!!! Keep Shining Sparkles!!!!! xoxoxox

Monday, August 2, 2010

Shelf life of makeup!

Everyone is heading back to school, and getting ready to replenish or purchase new makeup! Everybody wants to know what they can keep and what they MUST replace, since expired cosmetics can cause MAJOR irration or eye infection! Most skincare don't have an "expiration date", but they do have a symbol like 6m (meaning 6 months) and that is how long the product is good for AFTER opening it, and while keeping it in a dark cool area away from the sun. Most of us keep our products in the bathroom so we don't have to worry about the sun! As I learned when I worked cosmetics, every time we opened a tester, we wrote out the date we opened it on the bottom of the container in sharpie. That way you can keep better track of it! As you know, if your product starts to smell bad or starts to look different from the initial purchase.... THROW IT OUT, even if it hasn't reached the "date." Here is what is pretty standard rules for cosmetic shelf life:
Mascara ... 3 months (sometimes you can stretch it an extra month and a half)
Foundation 12-18 months (remember if you use foundations with anti aging products you are now also dealing with skincare so it may be closer to the 12 month mark.)
Concealer... 12-18 months
powder.... 18-24 months (make sure to keep sponge VERY CLEAN)
blush/bronzer..... 18 months (remember this is standard rules. I call bull on this one, and say until you see it break apart or start to smell)
cream blush.... 12-18 months
eyeshadow.... 18 months (again.... I call bull and say you be the judge. Make sure it still goes on as smoothly as the initial purchase, and that the color or smell haven't changed. Other than that your good!)
Eyeliner (18 months) Do they ever last longer?? Not for me! lol!
Liquid liner ...6-12 months
Lipstick/lipgloss .... 2-3 years (again, trust your judgement)Lipliner.... one year
Lip liner.... one year
nailpolish.... one year ...... you know what I am going to say next! lol!
Perfume... 3 years!!! After this it will start to smell like alcohol!!
Hope my sparkles make some wise decisions, and replenish only what they need to, so they will have enough $$ to buy some new fun colors!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Radio Show

When I got a call from 7 time Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon miller to be on her radio show, I was shocked! Me? On the radio? My husband is known worldwide for his radio shows (and continues to do them internationally http://www.skipk.com/ ) but I have never been on the radio and was actually asking myself if they were asking for the wrong spouse! As I was talking to the olympic gymnastic legend, she was telling me about her lifestyle radio show and how she was doing her show on skin cancer and protection, and the aftermath of it like makeup to cover up! She wanted me to be an expert on her show! I was so incredibly excited!! I of course was a little nervous going in as this was the first for me on radio, (I've been on t.v. many times but radio is a different animal!) I asked my hubby for some pointers, and walked into the radio station with him and my parents! Everyone there was super nice, especially since we got there early in the morning! I heard all the things to do and not to do, how close your mic should be, all the goodies I have always just seen my hubby do, but didn't realize all the techinical stuff behind it! lol! As they addressed me, I felt comfortable in educating people on what I knew and love! It was amazing too because the Kelly brothers that are surf legends were also on the show talking about their charity on skin cancer. It was a truly rewarding time being their, but most importantly, it was amazing to share this "first time" with my husband, my family, and all of my fans that listened in. It is so great and exhilirating to be growing so much as a woman, and in my career with all of my sparkles. I thank you for following me on this amazing, yet crazy journey of mine! I thank you for all the support!! (Hope you guys liked the picture of me on air and my proud parents in front of the lit up "on air" sign!)

Brides Against Breast Cancer

So, I can't help but be tired from this weekend. Two weddings, 3 photoshoots, a bridal consultation, and if that wasn't enough to fill my friday through sunday I was asked to be on the expert panel for brides against cancer.... and of course I said yes! lol! Brides against Breast cancer is an organization where bridal boutiques donate their dresses, shoes, veils, and sparkles and because they were donated, they are sold to the brides at 70-80% cheaper than at the stores. The best part about it is that 100% of the proceeds go to the organization.
After a long day of work, I went down to the Hyatt on friday night to set up my booth and prepare to speak to the brides as an expert. I mingled with the brides and got to meet some of them before I spoke, and hung out with my friends from fantasy flowers and southern charm events! I got to answer some of the brides' questions and concerns about their makeup for their wedding day, but the most important was I got to listen into a representative of the charity talk about where exactly the money goes. They set up a "dreams come true" type of fund were women who are on the last stage of breast cancer and know it is terminal, can get their last wish. These wishes can vary from a last trip to Disney with their kids, a honeymoon with their hubby, you name it. To see her cry while she was talking about this was very touching. Cancer runs deep in my family and my aunt is a survivor of breast cancer. As I continued to work the event on all my free time during the week, it was incredible to see all the amazing vendors that came together to support such an amazing cause. Tanya from Southern Charm Events (Wedding Planner) Actually stayed with her family at the Hyatt all weekend to make sure the event was smooth sailing. Well, I am proud to say our hardwork payed off!! We raised $16,000 for the charity!!!! $16,000!!!!! How amazing is that??? 100% goes to the charity, and that just puts a smile on my face like you could not imagine!! I wanted to thank everyone who was a part of it and all my brides who came out to support!!! Their is so much love in the city, that I am proud to call home! Thank you Sparkles!!!! xoxoxo

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy July Fourth Weekend!!! Hope everyone is taking the time tomorrow to gather with family and friends and and celebrate our independence with the people you love! I wanted to share the two things I love for the holidays with you 1.) Makeup and 2.) Holiday Drinks for your guests!

Fourth of July Makeup Tips: If you are wanting a "Patriotic Look" in this summer heat make sure you use a translucent powder over your foundation to help absorb the pesky oils that the summer's humidity brings out. One I highly reccomend is Chanel's Double Perfection Powder. I am #2 but have your local Chanel representative match your color. As far as eyes go, an awesome eyeshadow primer is A MUST!!! My all time favorite is Too Face's eye Shadow Insurance!! LOVE IT! Keep the eyeshadows very neutral and maybe go as far as just using a beige or soft pearl color all over and and waterproof black liner, followed by mascara. My current favorite right now is Too Face's Lash Injection! I LOVE to make the cheeks super rosey to get that sun kissed look! Lips you have one of two choices, if you are doing a beach/pool day I would keep lips very soft maybe a soft coral lip gloss. However if you're not planning on getting wet, do it all up and rock the red lips! Go for it! It's the one day of the year to Red, White, and Shine!! Now I'm also going to give you one of my favorite drink recipies for this sparkly holiday:
Serves 2 to 4
3 cups small ice cubes
1 cup passion-fruit nectar
1/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup half and half
2 tablespoons Cointreau
1 splash orange juice
1 splas cocunut cream (optional)
Fresh passion fruit seeds for garnish
Place ice, passion-fruit nectar, vodka, half and half, Cointreau, orange juice, and coconut cream, if using, in a blender. Blend until smooth. Adjust consistency by adding more ice or juice as needed. Garnish with passion fruit seeds, and serve immediately.
ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!!!! We will be throwing a party with friends and family at my beach house! Gianni is looking forward to day of fun in the sun! Hope everyone has a blast! Cheers to the USA!! Keep shining your positivity my sparkles!!! xoxoxoxo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

From High Heels To High Chairs? How to do it?

Workaholic comes to mind on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Can't say I'm slaving away as I am sitting in my living room watching the raindrops crash into the ocean, with my lit pinneapple hookah by my side, but I can't help but to log onto my blog and write down my ideas, or get my notepad and write down creative thoughts as they pour in on this lazy day. It's crazy how one can love their job so much! I still make family time EVERY DAY and of course a one on one session with my loving Lord.
I just feel so blessed at what's to come this summer! I have two reality shows I am working on, I have awesome projects with my IMG model friends (IMG is where most ANTM winners are represented) and I have a pretty HUGE project with amazing celebrity cliental that my hubby and I were asked to do. He is my perfect fit as he has been in entertainment for 20 years now, mainly in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. (Most that get to know him, or I should say all LOVE him! He is one amazing person!) This project I can't reveal yet but in 6 weeks time TRUST ME you will know!! I can't wait to share! I also am literally booked for a wedding Every weekend this year with the exeption of 2 weeks in November....and have projects with many local photographers. As I am writing creative ideas for all of these events, I can't help to think... how will I manage this when I start to plan on kids. It's one of those things where I am really starting to feel confused about my feelings on this matter. I want a baby more than I could ever put in words. Lately i start to cry at a Hallmark baby commercial and I volunteer to babysit my friend's kids! BUT, than I start to think of everything I am doing and all the amazing things to come that are outside of Jacksonville, and I wonder how would I do it. Can one have a successful traveling career with child? Or is that selfish. I know there are a few mothers in this industry but most pretty much stay put in Jacksonville. Is it normal to have all these pros and cons? I know women in the 50's would say it's a no brainer.... and don't get me wrong I WILL have kids. I love them to much to just say no. However, should one opress the feeling of "I want one NOW", to wait a few years? I have been married 3 years to an amazing, always faithful and loving husband... and he also is in his mid 30's now, and even though I'm 27... should that play a factor?? Please let me know what you think? Is it now the norm to wait till your 30's even if that means your hubby will be in his 40's or almost there? What do you guys think? I would love to hear from the working mommies in today's world!!! Love you guys and keep staying wonderful!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I know a lot of you guys entered my photoshoot contest but unfortunately there could only be one winner! I am however in the midst of a HUGE fundraiser for an orphanage in South Africa! I am collaberating with Jacksonville's best photographers and offering photoshoots that include the c.d. of pictures, makeup and hair! The whole thing is just $125 and 100% of the proceeds go to the South African orphanage! A lot of you read one of my previous blogs about the orphanage and I am extending this out to ANY type of shoot. It can be a fashion shoot, engagement shoot, family shoot, pinup shoot, or anything you are wanting to do!! I hope to hear from a lot of you!!

Thanks my sparkles!!




Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My husband

I love the fact that every week I meet a few new brides, and every weekend I see brides that I have known for a few months live through the most magical day of their lives! I am so blessed to have a job where I feel the love everytime I walk into "work". It's funny because sometimes when I tell people that I do weddings EVERY weekend they say they could never do my job. They say weddings are too crazy and they can't deal with "bridezillas". The funny thing is I have yet to find a mean bride. All of my brides make me feel so good when they look in the mirror and are happy with what they see. All of my brides make me feel SOOOOO good to CHOOSE me to be part of their amazing day. I have so much to be thankful for as everytime I walk into get a bride ready I am reminded of what it felt like on my wedding day. Here I am almost 3 YEARS LATER (I got married May 18, 2007) and I am so lucky to have found my soulmate. The man who is MY BEST FRIEND. I can tell him anything and know that he supports me, loves me on my fat days, my moody days, my look at me funny and die days! hahahaha! I have a man who has ALWAYS been faithful, and anytime a beautiful woman comes into the room, it's like he doesn't even notice she came in. He makes me feel like I am the only person that matters in his life and I am soooo thankful that after 3 years not only has our love, commitment, and faithfulness to each other not weakened, but it feels like it gets stronger every single day. I feel so thankful to God that he allows me to experience and be a part of so many people's "special day". The day their new life begins with the man that will honor her, stand up for her, love her so much that he would never be unfaithful to her, and always believe in her and helps her to be the woman/mom that God wants her to be. If you are one of my future brides and see me getting teary eyed, it's because I know the incredible future that awaits you only hours after I leave your side! It's the future I have lived for almost 3 years and one I wouldn't be able to survive without. Sorry for the gushiness. i think it's because my anniversary is coming up and I feel so thanksful for my amazing clients & fans, my parents & sister, awesome friends, my hubby and Gianni my chihuahua, and of course God! Thanks you everyone for being part of my life! You are what makes it amazing! ;) Keep sparkling please! Lets light up this world with hope and LOVE!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fundraiser for African orphanage

Most of you read my previous blog about how important this fundraiser for the African Orphange is to me. I was lucky enough to start my quest to raise money this last Sunday! My friend and amazing photographer Brittani Gordon Bowman came to help me with the project we started, in which we do a photoshoot with the cd, and a makover for the shoot, for donations to this cause. 100% of the proceeds go to help the children in the orphanage!!! I was very blessed that two former high school friends called me up upon reading my blog and wanted to help.
Melanie Jones, whom I met in grade school and continued being friends with in high school called me to do the shoot as a family picture. She recently got married to Heath, whom I just met Sunday and is hysterical! We had a great time getting her glamified for the shoot, and I got to meet her beautiful little boy Simon, whom I immediately fell in love with. He even told me he knew how to swim and said he would take me swimming! lol! I might have to take him up on his offer! ha! We just had such a good time getting her ready for her family shoot at the beach and it made me happy to see an old friend in adulthood with such a beautiful family of her own!
The second shoot of the day was the very talented Argie Mitra. Although Argie and I went to the same high school, it was actually her older brother and I that were in the same grade. Argie was the cute younger sibling that I would run into a million years ago when I use to work retail at Sephora. Argie would go into Sephora to get her makeup done by me, and here she was 5 years later back in my makeup chair, only this time in my very own studio, and helping me out for a GREAT cause. It was great to hear all the impressive things she has been up to like designing wardrobe for theatre. I love surrounding myself in the arts and Argie beams artistic rays! She was telling me how she had just traveled all over the country displaying her art, and this is all before she graduates! She graduates this May, which is why she even wanted a shoot....it was her senior pictures shoot! So graduation pictures and helping out the children in Africa all in a days work for Argie! lol!
I just want to thank everyone that came on Sunday for having the BIG hearts that you guys do!! AND if anyone else is interested in a shoot or know someone who is for this cause PLEASE let me know! Keep spreading positive vibes my sparkles! The world is a better place because of you!!
~Paulina Perez

Monday, March 29, 2010

3rd Contest Winners!!!!!

I am happy to be able to show you pictures from my last contest winners Maissa and Ana! I got to spend the day with both girls and it was a blast! Maisaa is a drama student at Douglas Anderson and and also happens to be my little sister Marian's best friend and she asked me if Marian could joing the shoot and so there where 3! ha! Ana is a beautiful mom of 2 boys, and had never had a photo shoot before. She was so cute because once she realized how fun it was she got hooked! lol! It was also my sister's first shoot but she is so photogenic and beautiful she could have her tounge sticking out and eyes crossed and the picture would be marvelous.
That day we all met at my studio at the beach to get hair/makeup done and than drove out downtown to meet awesome photographer Heather Whitson Blackwell from Whitson Blackwell Photography! The girls looked so cute in their outfits and Tarina Tarantino Jewelery that It's Eclectic at the beach lent us for the shoot. At first the girls were shy, but after a few minutes noone wanted to give up their turn from the camara!! lol! It was a super fun day and I was so excited that my little sis got to experience first hand what her big sissy does for a living. I am so proud of all 3 girls whose pictures came out BEAUTIFUL thanks to Heather rocking the lens!!! They helped Tarina's sparkles Sparkle EVEN brighter! ;)
XOXO Paulina

Monday, March 22, 2010

African Orphanage

As a person who has always had a dream of being a good "mommy" like mine was always to me, I have a HUGE weakness for children. A few weeks ago while I was at church, I heard them speak about missionaries....something I have always wanted to do. I couldn't wait to get more information! As I started to research all the different trips they were taking, I read one that caught my eyes....It was a mission to South Africa to help with an orphange! Seriously? How amazing and perfect for me. The more I found out the more my heart became involved. Apparently there is also a woman over there who has taken on 8 orphans and lives in an 8X8 room. Part of our mission will be to help bulid onto her "home" and make it a better suited place for these children. Just knowing I could go there and make a difference in their life puts a fire in my body that makes me want to do anything I can to go and help. Hands on. That to me is one of the most amazing things a human being can do for another. To stop one's daily routine, and go to unfamiliar territory and help without any selfish alteriors. It's so beautiful.
I have to come up with funds to go to Africa and for the materials we will be bringing to help out. I started thinking of ways to raise money for this, and of course doing inexpensive photoshoots came to mind! i contacted a few photographers to donate their time and most of them surprisingly said yes!!! I can't begin to express the feeling of gratitude I have. Everything has been coming together so nicely that it makes me cry tears of happiness. I don't know how to express the feeling and desire I have to go and help. It's something that I KNOW God put in my path and wants me to do! I want to thank everyone who is involved in this fundraiser, and if you are interested in doing a photoshoot please contact me. Also if you want to donate ANY amount it would be greatly appreciated. I know $2 is not much but if everyone donated $2 It would probably bring a lot of supplies to the children at the Child Haven. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read my most important blog written to date. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
~One by one we will make this world a more Sparkling Place! xoxoxo
Please contact me for more information 904-735-7499

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kim Imbach's Wedding

This weekend I had the honor to spend the whole day with my bride, something I rarely ever do. Usually I do something I like to call "Paint and go"but this saturday, my bride hired me to spend all day with her and I don't even know where to start on how much fun it was for me! FIRST, let me start off by saying this was the most organized bride I have ever come across! I guess it helps that she use to be a planner for the big mouse himself! (Disney! lol) A week before the wedding she emailed me the day's schedule, and I have to admit we were as close to keeping on that schedule as possible!
My day started at 7:00 am when I made my daily drive into Queen's Harbour (where my parent's live and I grew up) to have my morning coffee with my mom like usual. The great thing about this particular day is that my bride was getting ready in Queen's Harbour too! I got to really enjoy my coffee in the morning, and stroll over to my beautiful bride's parent's house! She was there to greet me at the door, and that was the beginning of an amazing day!
As I was doing the beautiful bride Kimberly Imbach's makeup, one by one her family began to wake up! Coffe was being poured around the house and it seemed like there was a never ending chain of heads popping out of rooms as they woke up! It was a big family like mine!! I loved it! Mr. and Mrs. Imbach would check in on Kim and joke around with her, her two sisters were there as excited as if it were their own wedding day, the groom's sisters and mom were there sharing in the beautification festivities and even Aunt Cathy came out to get her makeup done! What a colorful fun group! Everyone so different.....yet everyone so loving and excited to be their for Kim on her special day! I think I did about 11 people, 2 flower girls, and 2 tattoo cover ups!!! We were beautifying all day!!!
We went from the house, to later taking pictures (in which the whole family didnt want to miss out!!! It was so cute!) than finally to the church! I was "backstage" helping the Imbachs get ready up until it was time for Kim to walk down the aisle. I helped fix her train for her, and I couldn't help but think Oh my gosh! She looks like a Princess! As I watched her wait for her bridal party to finish marching down the aisle, i realized I wish I got to stick around for this part at every wedding. The look on Kim's face of nervousness and excitement.....of hopes and dreams!! It's the expression of pure love!! I wanted to yell "Kim you have no idea how MUCH your life will change!!! This is the beginning of something so magical! This is the beginning of YOUR family that God is bringing together! YOU and MICHAEL as ONE!" It reminded me of my very feelings on my wedding day. How nervous I was. How excited and how full of love I was. It made me realize that now 3 years later, I Love my husband more and more each day, and I was experiencing the magic happen for my bride right before my eyes, and it was just so beautiful. I'm so happy and blessed to have been able to share such a beautiful event!! I can't wait to see the pictures captured by the talented Corrina Hoffman!!! Lucky for us, both Corinna and I get to do it all over again in September for Kim's little sister Katie!!! Imbach's we will see you really soon!! Until than, keep Sparkling!!!! xoxoxo
~Paulina Perez
wedding photographer: www.corinnnahoffman.com

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alex Hunt/ Airbrushing Abs

My motto had always been "the face is my canvass" whether someone wants to be made beautiful or horrifying (Halloween, movies ect) I love to enhance or recreate the face! A few weeks ago I got to work on a much bigger canvas! lol! Alex Hunt, who happens to be an up and cummer male model went to the beach with the talented Redner Salonga Photography for a fun and sexy beach shoot. When I was asked to do the makeup I figured it would be typical male model grooming, little concealer, powder, clear brow and lash gel.....but when I found out I was airbrushing his abs I got sooooo excited! Let me start of by saying Alex is a personal trainer, so we know he has no body fat to begin with! ;) However, he wanted to add a little bit more definition, and I was more than willing to give it! lol! He had never been airbrushed before and I think I got him hooked because he kept saying how much he loved the feeling, and than periodically would look in the mirror and just say WOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!! I love that word!! lol! I also LOVE that it looked so natural!! The formula I used is great because it stays put! He jumped into the water and splashed around and the makeup stayed looking great!!! After the shoot Jordan Way who was the director of the shoot took us out to eat and Alex's girlfriend kept telling me how she loved his new abs!!! Music to my ears!! Well, I think the ladies will admit that yes he does have fantastic abs! I just found out that Alex got signed with an agency, so hopefully I will be doing more airbrushing for him..... Have I ever told you I LOVE MY JOB??? LOL!
Hope you guys keep Sparkling!!!! XOXOXO!!!
Directed by: Jordan Way