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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brides Against Breast Cancer

So, I can't help but be tired from this weekend. Two weddings, 3 photoshoots, a bridal consultation, and if that wasn't enough to fill my friday through sunday I was asked to be on the expert panel for brides against cancer.... and of course I said yes! lol! Brides against Breast cancer is an organization where bridal boutiques donate their dresses, shoes, veils, and sparkles and because they were donated, they are sold to the brides at 70-80% cheaper than at the stores. The best part about it is that 100% of the proceeds go to the organization.
After a long day of work, I went down to the Hyatt on friday night to set up my booth and prepare to speak to the brides as an expert. I mingled with the brides and got to meet some of them before I spoke, and hung out with my friends from fantasy flowers and southern charm events! I got to answer some of the brides' questions and concerns about their makeup for their wedding day, but the most important was I got to listen into a representative of the charity talk about where exactly the money goes. They set up a "dreams come true" type of fund were women who are on the last stage of breast cancer and know it is terminal, can get their last wish. These wishes can vary from a last trip to Disney with their kids, a honeymoon with their hubby, you name it. To see her cry while she was talking about this was very touching. Cancer runs deep in my family and my aunt is a survivor of breast cancer. As I continued to work the event on all my free time during the week, it was incredible to see all the amazing vendors that came together to support such an amazing cause. Tanya from Southern Charm Events (Wedding Planner) Actually stayed with her family at the Hyatt all weekend to make sure the event was smooth sailing. Well, I am proud to say our hardwork payed off!! We raised $16,000 for the charity!!!! $16,000!!!!! How amazing is that??? 100% goes to the charity, and that just puts a smile on my face like you could not imagine!! I wanted to thank everyone who was a part of it and all my brides who came out to support!!! Their is so much love in the city, that I am proud to call home! Thank you Sparkles!!!! xoxoxo


  1. Great event, thank you to everyone who was able to volunteer and thank you to all the brides who were able to come out!

  2. Thanks Christy for helping out! I had an amazing time!!