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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A recap of the sparkly world in 2012!

As I say bye to 2012 and hello to 2013, I can't help but to look back on what I didn't realize was an amazing year! I say this b/c this was the year I wrote a note for every amazing adventure in 2012, and rereading these notes at the end of the year was the best way to remember the good times to end the year! I think this is an amazing tradition to start, and one to open your eyes at the end of the year and shows you how amazing 365 days can be!
    The year started out with a bang when MBPP was asked to do hair and makeup for the Republican Debate in January of 2012. Getting to meet and work on Romney/Gingrich/ Santorum/and Paul and the anchors and reporters for CNN was an amazing experience. Honestly that feeling of being where the only other two people in the room are a presidential candidate and CNN legendary anchor Wolf Blitzer is just unreal. I even got interviewed about my experience which was pretty cool to get to share that with my town!

  2012 was the year I got edumacated in sports.... that's right I said edumacated!! LOL!! Getting to work on sport icons like pro golfer Jim Furyk and his wife, NFL quarterback David Garrard, and the NFL Hall of famers that make up the show Thursday Night Football on the NFL network have really helped my game! LOL! Watching them play while we worked together or them being sweet and taking the time to teach this crazy girl the game that they love so much has helped me understand this sports world! One of my favorite moments this year was when Marshall Faulk of Thursday Night Football noticed I wasn't following the game and sat me down and TRIED to teach me the rules of the game! I think it would take weeks to teach me everything there is to know about football BUT this non sporty girl had a blast with sports inviting me to be a part of their world this year! Hope to continue my edumacation this year! ;)

    The sports world was not the only one showing MBPP some love in 2012, the music world welcomed us as well as we had amazing opportunities working for and meeting some music icons and newbies alike! Whether it was spending the day with 80's rockstar Geoff Tate from Queensryche or LL Cool J, or doing makeup/hair for a country music video for the movie Flicka country pride

 it was surreal to be asked to be involved with and being married to a dj I love any opportunity to get to work with musicians! Probably one of my favorite all time moments of 2012 was when Entertainment Tonight called and asked me to work the LL Cool J show and even asked me to do their own reporter Christina McClarty. The fact that I was able to bring one of the girls on my team that is obsessed with LL Cool J was pretty awesome! Getting to sit ON STAGE during his performance with her was pretty awesome! It was a pretty cool moment for our team!
     Working in the Fashion industry was also AMAZING this year! Our best year yet! Being able to work for and attending amazing shows like Miami Beach international and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was an honor!I am now spoiled with pop up shops and am saving my money through out the year to shop pop up shops for spring's fashion weeks! lol!  Getting to see what is coming out in fashion a year before it hits stores is pretty frieking awesome and being able to share that knowledge with my followers is just the icing on the cake! This is the portion of my business that I just melt with overload of happiness when I get to do it! Runways aren't the only way to work the fashion industry, this year we got our fair share of editorials for magazines, and even got written about in one of my favorite magazine's Lucky magazine's blog! We even got to mix our love for reality shows and fashion when we did an editorial for premier bride and Bad Girl's Club Amy Cieslowski was a model! We can confirm that she is a sweet heart! I could not imagine her being "the bad girl's club" Amy in real life because she was such a sweet heart with us!
        Last but not least some of the most memorable things that happened in 2012, was personal accomplishments! Winning "Best of Makeup Artist" for Jacksonville Magazine the third year in a row was an honor! It's one of my favorite local magazines and the fact that it's the people's vote that decides the winner makes this award extra special for me! Also winning the city's 30 under 30 was just......awesome! I never think of myself as a leader but the fact that my city does is so unbelievably uplifting. It makes work so rewarding to see people appreciate what you do. Another uplifting event in 2012 was becoming a US Citizen this summer! Becoming a citizen of this country is something most people take for granted, but having to study the history of this country to become a citizen really taught me how amazing the place we call home is! It truly is the melting pot of the world I can officially say I am part of that!!
     So..... what to expect in 2013? Much more of all the above, PLUS now that I am starting 2013 having just turned 30, my goal is to mature my company a little while keeping the fresh young attitude I am known for! I hope to grow my new bridal launch in Savannah that I started in September of last year, and I hope to
 uplift everyone I encounter, after all, we survived the Mayan Apocalypse, so there is no excuse to not make 2013 even better than 2012!
      Here's to saying goodbye to an amazing 2012.... and saying hello to Chapter 2013 and 365 pages that should be filled with nothing but love and good will!!!  xoxoxoxoxo