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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Radio Show

When I got a call from 7 time Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon miller to be on her radio show, I was shocked! Me? On the radio? My husband is known worldwide for his radio shows (and continues to do them internationally http://www.skipk.com/ ) but I have never been on the radio and was actually asking myself if they were asking for the wrong spouse! As I was talking to the olympic gymnastic legend, she was telling me about her lifestyle radio show and how she was doing her show on skin cancer and protection, and the aftermath of it like makeup to cover up! She wanted me to be an expert on her show! I was so incredibly excited!! I of course was a little nervous going in as this was the first for me on radio, (I've been on t.v. many times but radio is a different animal!) I asked my hubby for some pointers, and walked into the radio station with him and my parents! Everyone there was super nice, especially since we got there early in the morning! I heard all the things to do and not to do, how close your mic should be, all the goodies I have always just seen my hubby do, but didn't realize all the techinical stuff behind it! lol! As they addressed me, I felt comfortable in educating people on what I knew and love! It was amazing too because the Kelly brothers that are surf legends were also on the show talking about their charity on skin cancer. It was a truly rewarding time being their, but most importantly, it was amazing to share this "first time" with my husband, my family, and all of my fans that listened in. It is so great and exhilirating to be growing so much as a woman, and in my career with all of my sparkles. I thank you for following me on this amazing, yet crazy journey of mine! I thank you for all the support!! (Hope you guys liked the picture of me on air and my proud parents in front of the lit up "on air" sign!)

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