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Sunday, June 6, 2010

From High Heels To High Chairs? How to do it?

Workaholic comes to mind on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Can't say I'm slaving away as I am sitting in my living room watching the raindrops crash into the ocean, with my lit pinneapple hookah by my side, but I can't help but to log onto my blog and write down my ideas, or get my notepad and write down creative thoughts as they pour in on this lazy day. It's crazy how one can love their job so much! I still make family time EVERY DAY and of course a one on one session with my loving Lord.
I just feel so blessed at what's to come this summer! I have two reality shows I am working on, I have awesome projects with my IMG model friends (IMG is where most ANTM winners are represented) and I have a pretty HUGE project with amazing celebrity cliental that my hubby and I were asked to do. He is my perfect fit as he has been in entertainment for 20 years now, mainly in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. (Most that get to know him, or I should say all LOVE him! He is one amazing person!) This project I can't reveal yet but in 6 weeks time TRUST ME you will know!! I can't wait to share! I also am literally booked for a wedding Every weekend this year with the exeption of 2 weeks in November....and have projects with many local photographers. As I am writing creative ideas for all of these events, I can't help to think... how will I manage this when I start to plan on kids. It's one of those things where I am really starting to feel confused about my feelings on this matter. I want a baby more than I could ever put in words. Lately i start to cry at a Hallmark baby commercial and I volunteer to babysit my friend's kids! BUT, than I start to think of everything I am doing and all the amazing things to come that are outside of Jacksonville, and I wonder how would I do it. Can one have a successful traveling career with child? Or is that selfish. I know there are a few mothers in this industry but most pretty much stay put in Jacksonville. Is it normal to have all these pros and cons? I know women in the 50's would say it's a no brainer.... and don't get me wrong I WILL have kids. I love them to much to just say no. However, should one opress the feeling of "I want one NOW", to wait a few years? I have been married 3 years to an amazing, always faithful and loving husband... and he also is in his mid 30's now, and even though I'm 27... should that play a factor?? Please let me know what you think? Is it now the norm to wait till your 30's even if that means your hubby will be in his 40's or almost there? What do you guys think? I would love to hear from the working mommies in today's world!!! Love you guys and keep staying wonderful!! xoxo