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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My wonderfully amazingly talented friend Scarlett Lillian contacted me a few months ago to tell me the exciting news that she was doing her last one on one photography session and was going to start her own workshop!!!! I was so happy for her, and excited for the photographers that would be learning all of her incredible tricks! She told me about the fun girly weekend she was planning, and a few times I read about how she was nervous about hosting her first workshop! Scar nervous?? I thought how could someone so talented be nervous?
When she asked me to be the makeup artist for her very first workshop I was so excited to work with her again!! She is always zipping around the country doing fabulous weddings, so the times we get to work together are few and far between! I LOVE seeing my work through her lens! One word that can describe it is......AMAZING!

As the months passed, I saw her juggling different events, trips to other workshops, trips to see the infamous Stephen, be guest speaker for various events, host a bahamas cruise photography event, prepare for her first workshop, and train for an intensive marathon to raise money for cancer! How does she do it?? I would see her blog about all the fabulous ladies joining her workshop, and revealing little secrets here and there...and it got me even more and more excited about being part of such a great leap in her life!

The day of the SOLD OUT workshop, I got to One Ocean and was so excited about her little secret....Whitney Thompson winner of America's Next Top Model cycle 10 was the model!!!! As I waited for Scarlett to come out of the conference, Whitney came into the hotel! I almost didn't recognize her as her platinum blonde hair, was now dark brown. When I recognized her gorgeous face I got soooo excited and immediately went to introduce myself! Any makeup artist will tell you...it is WAY more fun to do brunnettes, because there is soooo much more colors that will work well with them! It also made her eyes really pop!! It was like makeup artist heaven! As Scarlett came out to take her into announce the model to the photographers, I went upstairs to set up for makeup. As I waited for them to come up, I LIKE ALWAYS, was on my Iphone looking through my facebook and chuckled as I saw a bunch of photographers posting on their website about how excited they where it was Whitney!! One actually wrote "OMG I was hoping it would be her!!! she is my favorite!!!!"
Whitney walked into the "makeup room" and I discussed "the look" with the gorgoues Orlando celebrity stylist Melanie Pace and my friend, hair dresser Amber Kish! When I saw the gorgeous purple shoes she had for the shoot, I knew that purple was the theme for the day!! I was like a kid in a candy store!!!! Color! Color! Color!! It was like She died her hair for me to be able to really play!! lol!! I ventured into my makeup LUGGAGE!! lol!! I had so much fun picking the pinks, purples, magentas, and black shades that created the beautiful look for the shoot! we had a little trouble with dryness (being on a plane every few days is super drying to your skin) so we mixed a little moisturizer with the blush to create that beautiful glow that you see!! BTW, if anyone has any questions about the makeup I used or how to recreate the look let me know!
It was definately a great experience getting the opportunity to meet Whitney and be girly with her! We talked about the grammy's, which celebrity wore what, exboyfriends, her new candle/jewelery line, and her previous blonde hair and how glad she was she could go back to her natural color! (Got to admit I loved her brunnette!!) I wanted to stay all day, but I had another client to meet. I loved meeting everyone including Scarlett's lovecake Stephen! I said bye and started heading out! Before I left I saw a group of photographers waiting in One Ocean's lobby!! I could see their excitement (same one I had before I started working on Whitney) and I told them "she looks amazing!" The excitement and passion in their eyes was the perfect mood to end my experience with the workshop! Needless to say, everyone's pictures did NOT dissapoint! LOVED LOVED LOVED this opportunity!
Thank you Scarlett for such an amazing opportunity, and for encouraging everyone, including myself, that with hardwork and faith in God's will, there is no limit to your capabilities!!!! Keep Sparkling girl!!!! xoxoxo!!!!
Scarlett Lillian Photographer http://www.scarlettlillian.com/
Stylist Melanie Pace http://www.melaniepace.com/
hairdresser: Amber Kish
Makeup artist: http://www.paulinaperez.com/
Location ONE OCEAN HOTEL : http://www.oneoceanresort.com/
Model: WHITNEY THOMPSON : http://www.shopsupermodel.com/
PICTURES ABOVE BY: Heather Caudill, Amy Gibson, and of course www.scarletlillian.com

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A few weeks ago a girlfriend of mine asked me if I would be interested in doing an all girl valentine's party with her. The idea sounded like so much fun and as she got other vendors into it everything seemed to pretty much flow into a perfect party idea! Jennifer Brum http://www.peekromancephotography.com/ thought of a fun idea where girls could come in and get their makeup done by artists such as me and Patricia Kozack, their hair done by Alina Castillo, and then take a fabulous facebook picture all in super fun environment! We decided to go with our girl Lyn's dance studio as the perfect location! You may have heard of her beach studio on the news...it's the newest craze, strip pole areobics! How much fun does that sound like?? You come in before a much needed girl night, get your makeup and hair done, get a fun PROFESSIONAL picture, and have fun drinking and learning fun flirty moves! LOL!
The night of the party, it was raining pretty bad and super cold. As we were making the mixed drinks and setting up our stuff, I would lie if I told you I wasn't wondering if anyone would show up to our event under the weather conditions. Regardless, we set up and hoped for the best! Well, the best it was! One by one women piled into the studio with their friends to mingle, have some drinks, get beautified and just have FUN! The room filled with so much laughter and giggles as girls tried moves they thought were impossible! The room got so hot with all the ladies that showed up, that we even popped open the door to let some of that cold air in! lol! I had such a great time and would LOVE to do it again! Thank you to everyone who made this such a big success!
Jennifer Brum Photography http://www.peekromancephotography.com/
Signature Hair by Alina Castill (Facebook page Signature Hair by Alina Castillo)
Patricia Kozack MUA http://www.makeupbyticia.com/

I look forwarding to working with you dolls again! Maybe we can do a Spring Break Diva Party! ;)
XOXO!! Keep Sparkling!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So Pin Up style makeup, clothing, shoes, ect. seem to be what's hot right now. Pin up style bathing suites (with a moderm twist of course) are going to be the big thing this year! With all this hype on sweet and sexy makeup and photography has started to lean towards this look, especially coming up so close on the big V-DAY! I was lucky enough not only to work with the talented Christy Whithead for a pinup shoot, but she also found the most amazing hotel to take pictures in. Every room in this hotel is 50's themed and you actually feel like your back in time if you are there long enough.
When we got there, my friend Alina Castillo (Pin up hair expert) was already working on a model's hair. We each quickly got to work and before you know it we were feeding off each other, coming up with cute sexy poses for the girls, and having so much fun! I absolutely love making women look and feel beautiful enough to feel sexy and take pictures that they will look back on and cherish! Some of the girls were taking pictures for their boyfriends/husbands. Others were going to send them to their boyfriends over seas. The best were the girls that were like "I'm doing this for myself while I still can!" lol!!!
We are actually doing another pinup shoot tomorrow, I believe two spots are still available and would love to accomade whomever would like to join in on the fun! I'm even looking in my closet to see if there is anything I want to be photgraphed in! Guess it's time to shop for a cute pinup dress!!! lol!
XOXO Keep Sparkling!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ashley! December Winner!

Wow! I really need to get better about writing more blogs! I just got awesome pictures from photographer Christy Whitehead for a shoot we did back in December. The model was actually one of my fans who won a photoshoot on my fanpage. Funny thing is Ashley, the winner, was an old friend from high school that I had lost touch with. It was really fun playing dress up and catching up at the shoot! Her fun style allowed us to really play with the makeup. We did two different looks, a fun glitter rhinestone look, and a pretty orange and yellow "pop" princess look. The look was complete when we combined It's Ecclectic's FABULOUS Tarina Tarantino jewelery collection. The results were HOT! HOT! HOT! So happy to be able to share this with you guys!