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Monday, August 2, 2010

Shelf life of makeup!

Everyone is heading back to school, and getting ready to replenish or purchase new makeup! Everybody wants to know what they can keep and what they MUST replace, since expired cosmetics can cause MAJOR irration or eye infection! Most skincare don't have an "expiration date", but they do have a symbol like 6m (meaning 6 months) and that is how long the product is good for AFTER opening it, and while keeping it in a dark cool area away from the sun. Most of us keep our products in the bathroom so we don't have to worry about the sun! As I learned when I worked cosmetics, every time we opened a tester, we wrote out the date we opened it on the bottom of the container in sharpie. That way you can keep better track of it! As you know, if your product starts to smell bad or starts to look different from the initial purchase.... THROW IT OUT, even if it hasn't reached the "date." Here is what is pretty standard rules for cosmetic shelf life:
Mascara ... 3 months (sometimes you can stretch it an extra month and a half)
Foundation 12-18 months (remember if you use foundations with anti aging products you are now also dealing with skincare so it may be closer to the 12 month mark.)
Concealer... 12-18 months
powder.... 18-24 months (make sure to keep sponge VERY CLEAN)
blush/bronzer..... 18 months (remember this is standard rules. I call bull on this one, and say until you see it break apart or start to smell)
cream blush.... 12-18 months
eyeshadow.... 18 months (again.... I call bull and say you be the judge. Make sure it still goes on as smoothly as the initial purchase, and that the color or smell haven't changed. Other than that your good!)
Eyeliner (18 months) Do they ever last longer?? Not for me! lol!
Liquid liner ...6-12 months
Lipstick/lipgloss .... 2-3 years (again, trust your judgement)Lipliner.... one year
Lip liner.... one year
nailpolish.... one year ...... you know what I am going to say next! lol!
Perfume... 3 years!!! After this it will start to smell like alcohol!!
Hope my sparkles make some wise decisions, and replenish only what they need to, so they will have enough $$ to buy some new fun colors!!

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