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Monday, August 16, 2010


6 am and the alarm went off! Did I care? NO!!!!! It was time to hop on the plane with my fellow makeup artist buddy Brian Tutunick! We were on our way to Puerto Rico!!!!! I was sad to say bye to Skip and Gianni! Skip and I have never gone to another country while being married WITHOUT each other, but hey.... when life gives you lemons..... you go to Puerto Rico!!! lol!! After we got settled we decided to explore the town.... and boy did we!! We had such an amazing time at the rainforest called el Yunque! You have to hike quite a bit to get to the waterfalls, but once your there...its like heaven! It was soooo beautiful! Old San Juan was also quite a sight to see! The forts and cemetaries were amazing! One of the days we were there we kayaked through a bioluminescent bay and that was just incredible. Everytime you touched the water it glowed! They say there are only 3 places in the world that have them and Puerto Rico has 2 of them! I have to say that night I missed Skip the most. The bay was just so beautiful and romantic. All the stars were out, the glow in the water..... it was like out of a movie.... but I was there to WORK!
When the big Sephora Makeup Event Day finally came, I was a little nervous. Afterall, They had flown me all the way to Puerto Rico to host an event.... but what if noone came? Well, as soon as we showed up, the staff made me feel right at home! They were all so sweet! As I made it out to the makeup stations, I realized how packed the whole place was! There were sparkles from Puerto Rico that were waiting to meet me and get their makeup done by me!!! I even had new sparkles add me on facebook right then and there and wanted to take pictures and were sooooooo sweet! My experience there could not have been any better! I left the event with the store manager telling me what a success this was and inviting me to please come back at the end of the year!!! AMAZING! Although I ate too much amazing Puerto Rican food (and am now pushing the chunky side!! lol) I had the best time and want to thank my sparkles old and new for welcoming me with open arms!!!!!! Keep Shining Sparkles!!!!! xoxoxox

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  1. Wow!! thats me!! the pic on top =) Paulina u are so special!!!! Gracias por maquillarme!! me encanto conocerte!! Its a honor for me... GodBlessU!!