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Monday, March 29, 2010

3rd Contest Winners!!!!!

I am happy to be able to show you pictures from my last contest winners Maissa and Ana! I got to spend the day with both girls and it was a blast! Maisaa is a drama student at Douglas Anderson and and also happens to be my little sister Marian's best friend and she asked me if Marian could joing the shoot and so there where 3! ha! Ana is a beautiful mom of 2 boys, and had never had a photo shoot before. She was so cute because once she realized how fun it was she got hooked! lol! It was also my sister's first shoot but she is so photogenic and beautiful she could have her tounge sticking out and eyes crossed and the picture would be marvelous.
That day we all met at my studio at the beach to get hair/makeup done and than drove out downtown to meet awesome photographer Heather Whitson Blackwell from Whitson Blackwell Photography! The girls looked so cute in their outfits and Tarina Tarantino Jewelery that It's Eclectic at the beach lent us for the shoot. At first the girls were shy, but after a few minutes noone wanted to give up their turn from the camara!! lol! It was a super fun day and I was so excited that my little sis got to experience first hand what her big sissy does for a living. I am so proud of all 3 girls whose pictures came out BEAUTIFUL thanks to Heather rocking the lens!!! They helped Tarina's sparkles Sparkle EVEN brighter! ;)
XOXO Paulina

Monday, March 22, 2010

African Orphanage

As a person who has always had a dream of being a good "mommy" like mine was always to me, I have a HUGE weakness for children. A few weeks ago while I was at church, I heard them speak about missionaries....something I have always wanted to do. I couldn't wait to get more information! As I started to research all the different trips they were taking, I read one that caught my eyes....It was a mission to South Africa to help with an orphange! Seriously? How amazing and perfect for me. The more I found out the more my heart became involved. Apparently there is also a woman over there who has taken on 8 orphans and lives in an 8X8 room. Part of our mission will be to help bulid onto her "home" and make it a better suited place for these children. Just knowing I could go there and make a difference in their life puts a fire in my body that makes me want to do anything I can to go and help. Hands on. That to me is one of the most amazing things a human being can do for another. To stop one's daily routine, and go to unfamiliar territory and help without any selfish alteriors. It's so beautiful.
I have to come up with funds to go to Africa and for the materials we will be bringing to help out. I started thinking of ways to raise money for this, and of course doing inexpensive photoshoots came to mind! i contacted a few photographers to donate their time and most of them surprisingly said yes!!! I can't begin to express the feeling of gratitude I have. Everything has been coming together so nicely that it makes me cry tears of happiness. I don't know how to express the feeling and desire I have to go and help. It's something that I KNOW God put in my path and wants me to do! I want to thank everyone who is involved in this fundraiser, and if you are interested in doing a photoshoot please contact me. Also if you want to donate ANY amount it would be greatly appreciated. I know $2 is not much but if everyone donated $2 It would probably bring a lot of supplies to the children at the Child Haven. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read my most important blog written to date. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
~One by one we will make this world a more Sparkling Place! xoxoxo
Please contact me for more information 904-735-7499

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kim Imbach's Wedding

This weekend I had the honor to spend the whole day with my bride, something I rarely ever do. Usually I do something I like to call "Paint and go"but this saturday, my bride hired me to spend all day with her and I don't even know where to start on how much fun it was for me! FIRST, let me start off by saying this was the most organized bride I have ever come across! I guess it helps that she use to be a planner for the big mouse himself! (Disney! lol) A week before the wedding she emailed me the day's schedule, and I have to admit we were as close to keeping on that schedule as possible!
My day started at 7:00 am when I made my daily drive into Queen's Harbour (where my parent's live and I grew up) to have my morning coffee with my mom like usual. The great thing about this particular day is that my bride was getting ready in Queen's Harbour too! I got to really enjoy my coffee in the morning, and stroll over to my beautiful bride's parent's house! She was there to greet me at the door, and that was the beginning of an amazing day!
As I was doing the beautiful bride Kimberly Imbach's makeup, one by one her family began to wake up! Coffe was being poured around the house and it seemed like there was a never ending chain of heads popping out of rooms as they woke up! It was a big family like mine!! I loved it! Mr. and Mrs. Imbach would check in on Kim and joke around with her, her two sisters were there as excited as if it were their own wedding day, the groom's sisters and mom were there sharing in the beautification festivities and even Aunt Cathy came out to get her makeup done! What a colorful fun group! Everyone so different.....yet everyone so loving and excited to be their for Kim on her special day! I think I did about 11 people, 2 flower girls, and 2 tattoo cover ups!!! We were beautifying all day!!!
We went from the house, to later taking pictures (in which the whole family didnt want to miss out!!! It was so cute!) than finally to the church! I was "backstage" helping the Imbachs get ready up until it was time for Kim to walk down the aisle. I helped fix her train for her, and I couldn't help but think Oh my gosh! She looks like a Princess! As I watched her wait for her bridal party to finish marching down the aisle, i realized I wish I got to stick around for this part at every wedding. The look on Kim's face of nervousness and excitement.....of hopes and dreams!! It's the expression of pure love!! I wanted to yell "Kim you have no idea how MUCH your life will change!!! This is the beginning of something so magical! This is the beginning of YOUR family that God is bringing together! YOU and MICHAEL as ONE!" It reminded me of my very feelings on my wedding day. How nervous I was. How excited and how full of love I was. It made me realize that now 3 years later, I Love my husband more and more each day, and I was experiencing the magic happen for my bride right before my eyes, and it was just so beautiful. I'm so happy and blessed to have been able to share such a beautiful event!! I can't wait to see the pictures captured by the talented Corrina Hoffman!!! Lucky for us, both Corinna and I get to do it all over again in September for Kim's little sister Katie!!! Imbach's we will see you really soon!! Until than, keep Sparkling!!!! xoxoxo
~Paulina Perez
wedding photographer: www.corinnnahoffman.com

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alex Hunt/ Airbrushing Abs

My motto had always been "the face is my canvass" whether someone wants to be made beautiful or horrifying (Halloween, movies ect) I love to enhance or recreate the face! A few weeks ago I got to work on a much bigger canvas! lol! Alex Hunt, who happens to be an up and cummer male model went to the beach with the talented Redner Salonga Photography for a fun and sexy beach shoot. When I was asked to do the makeup I figured it would be typical male model grooming, little concealer, powder, clear brow and lash gel.....but when I found out I was airbrushing his abs I got sooooo excited! Let me start of by saying Alex is a personal trainer, so we know he has no body fat to begin with! ;) However, he wanted to add a little bit more definition, and I was more than willing to give it! lol! He had never been airbrushed before and I think I got him hooked because he kept saying how much he loved the feeling, and than periodically would look in the mirror and just say WOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!! I love that word!! lol! I also LOVE that it looked so natural!! The formula I used is great because it stays put! He jumped into the water and splashed around and the makeup stayed looking great!!! After the shoot Jordan Way who was the director of the shoot took us out to eat and Alex's girlfriend kept telling me how she loved his new abs!!! Music to my ears!! Well, I think the ladies will admit that yes he does have fantastic abs! I just found out that Alex got signed with an agency, so hopefully I will be doing more airbrushing for him..... Have I ever told you I LOVE MY JOB??? LOL!
Hope you guys keep Sparkling!!!! XOXOXO!!!
Directed by: Jordan Way