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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jana Chang Contest winner

Sorry it's been a while since I have blogged! My work life is stronger than ever getting fabulous wedding gigs as well as commercials and being introduced to the world of high fashions and international models!! can't wait till I am able to share these shoots with you but they will have to wait till next month as they are still in the process of completion! I can however share an amazing photoshoot I did with one of my favorite photographers Hamp. We got together a few weeks ago to shoot for clothing designer Jana Chang. Jana own http://www.hautefancouture.com/ which is a clothing line for the sporty fashionista! Very cute girly outfits that any stylish woman would LOVE to wear to her favorite team's game! Jana is also the winner to a contest I have ever so often on my facebook fanpage "makeup by paulina perez" in which one lucky fan is randomly drawn to win a free photo shoot! We had so much fun and Jana was a natural at being a model! We had a great time shooting the purple dress and even threw in Tarina Tarantino's AMAZING butterfly jewelery collection that we got at itseclectic.net !!! Of COURSE we glamed up the makeup with some sparkles on her face for Tarina's jewelery line!! We also took great pics of her in a gorgous gator dress....designed by her of course!! My baby (Gianni my chihuahua) even got to model with her for this shoot!! LOVED LOVED LOVED spending the day with her! New shoots in progress for Tariana's new collection! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scarlett Lillian Photography

Just got back from being out of the country, and when I came back I had such a nice little surprise from photographer Scarlett Lillian! An email saying the pictures we collaberated on were ready!! About a month ago, Scarlett was having one of her many Spend the day with Scarlett Lillian (she has photographers from all over the country spend the day with her as she teaches them the amazement that is involved in "Scarlett Photography") She usually has contests for people to win the chance to be her model, a spot that is coveted by all her fans, and Apryl Marie Fogel was the lucky gal to win! When Scarlett asked me if i could do the makeup of course I jumped on it...you never say no when you have the opportunity to work and collaberate with such a creative force! As soon as I met Apryl we hit it off!! She has a really sweet innocent beauty, with the personality of a rock star! She told me she wanted an Old HollyWood look, but didn't wear any makeup and was not really sure what to do......so we did what every girl does best....played with all the fun Chanel colors we had in front of us and found the glamerous look she was looking for!! During the whole process I got to get to know the brain behind the beauty and found out all about Apryl's journey to success in her carreer campaigning for the republican party! We had a great time, and when Scarlett met up with us I knew that Apryl was now onto the fun part of her day! I didn't go with them to the shoot, but from what I hear it was nothing but fun and laughters! ..........This brings us to the present.... a few days ago when I got the pictures from ScarlettLillian.net I can honestly say I was MORE than pleased. Like always Scarlett's work was beautiful, creative, breathtaking.....just perfect! She really knows how to make a woman feel beautiful, and it shows in her work! I say we are the dynamic duo, as she won Jacksonville Magazine's BEST PHOTOGRAPHER of 2009 and I won BEST OF MAKEUP ARTIST of 2009. I am very happy to share with you guys my work, and proud to once again work with such great talent. Scar your love and passion in your work really does shines through!
Check out the rest of the pictures:

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sorry I haavent been able to blog in a while! I have been super busy lately with makeovers and meeting great fabulous people in the business! On the midst of all this, I was lucky enough to run into Christy Whithead, a local photographer! Both being in the wedding industry we instantly hit it off and kept messaging each other back and forth, finally we were like LETS MEET! lol! At first I figured we should meet at the typical first meet location....STARBUCKS! I swear I should have a plaque at that place! ha! Then Christy suggested an awesome idea! She invited me into her studio to experience first hand what it is she does! At first I though, Oh no! I am no model how will this turn out! lol! I was a little nervous, but as soon as I got to her studio it was so comforting and cozy that my nerves went away. Christy was so sweet and funny from the start that we spent a couple hours being typical silly girls giggling about goofy stuff and even trying funny poses just to be silly! Then Christy decided to put "THE FAN" on me! Yes the typical "model in a glamour photoshoot fan!" At first I could not stop giggling, but then you almost feel like "wait a second! I'm totally having a Britney moment!" hahaha! It's silly but she does make you feel like a star! I had so much fun with her and her work was great! I was so excited to have some new fun pictures to share! If you are looking for that special person to shoot your wedding day, engagement/family pics or just want to have a fun glamour or budouir shoot you should check out her website! She even has really fun props for your pics! Especially if you have kids! We have some really fun projects scheduled for later this year so stay tuned for details! I have a feeling we will be a dynamic duo! Check her out for your self! http://www.christywhiteheadphotography.com/
All pics in this blog post were taken by Christy Whithead photography!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am soooooo excited to announce the hottest thing to hit Jacksonville!!! As a makeup artist, most of us dream about what it would be like to have our OWN line! Well, one local artist (Sarah Johnson) went out and achieved just that, calling it GLAMOUR AND GLOSS! I havent had the chance to play with it just yet... but the word on the street is that the line is high in pigment and has a great variety of color, perfect for anything from your every day look to your divas night out! I asked Sarah about the durability of her makeup, and she said it has such great staying power, she tested in water and she came out with everything in place! This would be great for all my teary brides, or my work out divas! If you are a fashion forward diva, which I know most of you are, you want to be the first to get your hands on the hottest thing circulating Jacksonville's Beauty Market right now!! I am honored to be one of the first people lucky enough to get to play with GLAMOUR AND GLOSS and would like to invite you guys to join me also in the playtime! I LOVE supporting local artits, and Sarah Johnson has accomplished so much, that I am excited to be one of the firsts to experience this before she starts selling in stores! If you would like to join me message my facebook account or post a comment! The fun takes place next Thursday the 24th! Hope you can make it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

TPC Wedding

I am so glad to finally have time to update my blog! With everything going on I have hardly had time to sit in front of the computer for pleasure only! This week was filled with two photo shoots, a wedding, two engagement pics, a bridal consulation, and of course still worked my part time hours at Chanel! Of course I can't complain! My job is filled with fun, excitement, glamour, and tons of love around me!
I got to work with a model this week that will be on ANTM!!! For those of you that don't watch that's..America's Next Top Model! lol! She was really sweet and had amazing moves! I just watched her do all this crazy stuff with her arms and then when I actually saw the pics they looked amazing! It just boggles my mind sometimes when I get to work with a model that amazing, how they JUST KNOW how to move and look at the camera!
The bride I worked with on Saturday was also a dream! I actually had a blast hanging out with her and her mom while I got the whole bridal party glammed up before the wedding! She got married at the TPC, which is just an amazing venue! Her and her mom own the jewlery store at The Landing, so of course the jewelery at the wedding was a sparklefest! It was every girl's dream! Her ring (which was 1/3 smaller than her mom's) was a beautiful 3 carrot diamond! Everything from her dress to the flower baskets was a dream! I swear I love everything about being part of their special day! Can't wait to show everyone the pics! they were done by http://www.sandbwedding.com/ I will post as soon as I get them! I have never worked with them before and I am soooo excited to see their work! I LOVE meeting new vendors in the business! Alright well, time for bed. My hubby and my chihuahua Gianni await! xoxo!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night I had the honor of being invited to Havana Jax/Cuba Libre's reopening party along with Jacksonville Magazine's Launch Party! It was so much fun! As I was enjoying great hospitality, AMAZING Mojitos, and a fabulous live band, I started to realize this was actually a great location for my brides looking for a hot bachelorette party....on a budget! Let's face it, with all the expenses that come with making your day THE DAY, who has the budget to squeeze in an out of town last fling before the ring! Havana Jax brings Miami's heat and flavor to you! You can start off your night eating dinner in Havana Jax, which is by far the most authentic cuban restaurant in town. Once you are done obsessing over their mouth watering entrees (bitseque empanizado is my fave!) Then walk on over to the south beach feeling lounge Cuba Libre! Whether you want a low key night and want to relax with your girls in the lounge, or the inner dancing diva in you steps out into the dance floor...it is a gauranteed fun night out with the girls!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bridal Consultation with Judy Phounsavath


I just got done meeting with future bride Judy Phonsavath! The poor thing had already tried multiple makeup artist around town, and everytime left dissapointed with her look. Luckily, she came to me with a made up decision on exactly how she wanted to look. The picture she showed me was of this beautiful thai bride! She was breathtaking! As I looked at Judy's facial features and the picture, I knew she had chosen THE PERFECT look! As we chit chated about wedding stuff, Judy began telling me about her love story! This OF COURSE is my favorite part! It was actually really sweet how they first started dating when they were 16!!! Talk about first love! They lived in seperate cities and of course could not continue on in their relationship. YEARS later, one thing led to another and they BOTH ended up living in the same town, and 8 months later he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and proposed! The place she got engaged sounded like a dream! He took her to Atlanta's botanical garden! I have never been to those gardens and after hearing this it is definately on the list! He knew one of her favorite things were orchids, so he took her to the orchids garden, told her he wanted to take a picture....and got down on his knee to propose!!!!! How sweet is that? talk about the details!! Judy and Chris are getting married in spring of next year, and somehow I think that orchids will be very present that day! ;) I am so happy to be a part of their special day!