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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dark circles crises!!!!!

This week has been pretty rough! I have a teething 6 month old that won't let me sleep more than 4 non consecutive hours A DAY and this had been going on for a week! I'm starting to feel under the weather and that means ...... Dark circles under my eyes! I've had to try different products to see which works best and here is my outcome!!!! 
- I started with my go to Chanel ├ęclat! 

Although this product does brighten on my normal days, and is a standard in my kit, it was not enough for my mommy dark circles! It brightened but the coverage was awful! I need a two in one product! 

Next I tried well rested from bare essentials 

It was pretty good. Brightened and gave pretty good coverage all around. Stayed on well. Over all it's sleep deprived mommy approved! 

I also tried Elf's brightner 

Yes it may be a little less expensive but save your target dollars! This is so drying! Over time it starts to crack! Eek! Showing lines that do not exist! So now I'm a dark circled early aging mommy! Yeah this is going immediately in the no not ever again bin! LOL! Immediately!!!! 

Last but not least I tried an old favorite by Benefit!

I was pretty pleased even in my dark circle state. Went on creamy, brightened and covered all the scary! Stayed on all day and made me look like I was human again! 

2 out of 4 successful products is pretty good! I'm really hoping this helps other sleep deprived moms, college students, or just anyone who is running with the bad dark circles luck!  But in the end I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you guys are being blessed with peace, love, and sparkles!!! I promise to post more once I start to FEEL human again! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

We had an amazing time at our company team builder swimming with manatees!!!! Sometimes makeup artists need to unwind and have fun!!!!! I seriously love my team!!!! We managed to have the best time while helping some of our team face their fear of water!! We always need to work on helping each other live life to the fullest!!!! <3 p="">www.paulinaperez.com