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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scarlett Lillian Photography

Just got back from being out of the country, and when I came back I had such a nice little surprise from photographer Scarlett Lillian! An email saying the pictures we collaberated on were ready!! About a month ago, Scarlett was having one of her many Spend the day with Scarlett Lillian (she has photographers from all over the country spend the day with her as she teaches them the amazement that is involved in "Scarlett Photography") She usually has contests for people to win the chance to be her model, a spot that is coveted by all her fans, and Apryl Marie Fogel was the lucky gal to win! When Scarlett asked me if i could do the makeup of course I jumped on it...you never say no when you have the opportunity to work and collaberate with such a creative force! As soon as I met Apryl we hit it off!! She has a really sweet innocent beauty, with the personality of a rock star! She told me she wanted an Old HollyWood look, but didn't wear any makeup and was not really sure what to do......so we did what every girl does best....played with all the fun Chanel colors we had in front of us and found the glamerous look she was looking for!! During the whole process I got to get to know the brain behind the beauty and found out all about Apryl's journey to success in her carreer campaigning for the republican party! We had a great time, and when Scarlett met up with us I knew that Apryl was now onto the fun part of her day! I didn't go with them to the shoot, but from what I hear it was nothing but fun and laughters! ..........This brings us to the present.... a few days ago when I got the pictures from ScarlettLillian.net I can honestly say I was MORE than pleased. Like always Scarlett's work was beautiful, creative, breathtaking.....just perfect! She really knows how to make a woman feel beautiful, and it shows in her work! I say we are the dynamic duo, as she won Jacksonville Magazine's BEST PHOTOGRAPHER of 2009 and I won BEST OF MAKEUP ARTIST of 2009. I am very happy to share with you guys my work, and proud to once again work with such great talent. Scar your love and passion in your work really does shines through!
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