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Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Video

I just had the opportunity to work with the amazing band NOVEMBER! I did the makeup for the video to their new single and it was a blast! I love when I get to fix guys up and their macho side leaves, and the sensitive side in them comes out. When you are doing their makeup you sit and listen to what they want to "conceal" and it makes you realize how lucky we are to be girls to be able to wake up every morning, put makeup on, and noone thinks anything of it! Poor guys have to go all day with "dark circles" thinning hair, ect. Guys don't get to wear a push up bra, concealer, or tease their hair for a little pick me up!

As always the guys were so amazing to work with and I have seen little pieces of the music video and can't wait to share the whole thing with you! It is really amazing and I feel so blessed to do what I do! I can't wait to have a wrap party and just hang out with them and have a "beer" and be one of the guys! (Hopefully there will be Skinny Margaritas at this wrap party! Those should be a requirement EVERYWHERE! lol) Peace, love and Sparkles!!!!

xoxoxo ~Paulina

Everyone has fears

Landing...makeup off and I can't believe I just did what I did! lol!

Pretending not to be scared!
Facing one of my biggest fears, and having the love of my life by my side the entire time!

That's me!!! Scary huh?

Getting on the little plane! yikes!

My Best Friend, Husband, and Love of my life!
So, I was looking back at what has been an amazing year for me. I have been an artist for over 10 years now, but it wasn't until almost a year ago that I launched out 100% percent on my own. Before that I was working 2-3 days a week at Chanel, which I am grateful for because of the amazing high end courses I was able to take, but really what it was is a security blanket for me. I wanted so very badly to be 100% on my own, and had weddings every weekend already.... but for some reason launching out and not having something firm to land on scared me to death. I also had somene who was close to me constantly bring me down with negativity, which we all have one of those dark clouds in our lives. I honestly don't think she WANTED me to succeed, considering she would never have anything great to say about my work or about me for that matter. Well around March of last year I had to cut her free and decided it was time to make leaps toward my goal! I think of it like jumping out of a plane. To me, when I went skydiving, it was suppose to be just my husband going on the adventure. That day I woke up, it was still breezy outside so I put on a pair of cute jeans and a ralph lauren oxford shirt (typical day wear on a semi cold day) and went to see my hubby jump out of a plane. As we were heading out, my hubby asked me if I wanted to go to. Every hair on my body raised up in fear. Of course I didn't want to do it. It's dangerous, and that was a HUGE fear of mine. Than I started thinking, it's time I finally face my fears! 3 ciggerettes later (don't judge I was stressed! lol) I decided to jump! I have to admit I am surprised I didn't wet myself, because as you can see in the video I was TERRIFIED! However, the feel of accomplishment that I felt after I faced my fear was so amazing! I actually enjoyed the slow ride down after the parachute opened! lol! It was this amazing feeling of.... I faced my fear and now I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING! Got a bully? WHO CARES! YOu just jumped out of the plane! That bully has nothing on jumping thousands of feet into thin air! I took that experience last year and did the same! I leaped into my own buisness because I felt that I could, but unfortunately had black clouds that needed to be blown away from my turf! I can't tell you how scary it is to leave a secured paying job and "jump out" blindly into the unknown. I had such an amazing supportive husband that stood by me because he believed in me! Now almost 6,300 fans (sparkles) later.... I know I made the right choice! I faced my fear and now can't keep track of how many weddings, photoshoots, magazine covers, fashion shows, or national ads I have done! Facing your fear is freeing yourself to accomplish a life long dream. Don't settle or get comfortable just because it's easy. Easy doesn't give you a rush when you are achieving your fantasy! Settling isn't going to make those day dreams you think about behind your office desk come true. Think about what is your fear, and lets make a promise to face them together! Every sparkle should be on my positive bus.... that is why you are my sparkles, you are the light, the positive! We all have dreams.... thats half the process of getting there! Lets stomp our fears sparkles! You are the only one that has the key to your future! Don't forget Peace, Love, and Sparkles!!!!
xoxoxoxo Paulina (I leave you with my skydiving video! I wasn't lying when I say I was TERRIFIED!)

Charity a success!

My Family Minus my Daddy who couldn't make it.


Probably updating my fanpage! lol!

Waiting to go on air!
This month has been an amazing world wind of press meetings, editorials, weddings, and fashion shoots! It has been amazing! It started with two weeks ago when Christy Whithead from the Florida Times Union wrote an amazing story about me and the charity I am contantly talking about! (For those of you new to my blog or fanpage Check out the press page on http://www.paulinaperez.com/ ). From the moment it ran I started getting phone calls from other media sources who were also interested in running the story!
I was on Channel 12 Good Morning Jacksonville (video clip also on my fanpage) on Hola Noticias (the spanish paper ) and Jacksonville Magazine and Luxury Living are both wanting to do press as well! Channel 12 was an amazing experience! It brought me back to my roots of being an ex NEWS GIRL! LOL! I went down to the station with my family and we had such a great time! I got to go on air and makeover my gorgeous little sister on air while I talked about my fundraiser! It was so great to share that moment with the ones I love!
I just recently did a "photo shoot" marathon for the fundraiser and raised an extra $800!!!!! I believe I will do my LAST ONE October 17. I am only opening 10 spots for this one and 3 have already been filled up! If you know ANYONE who would want to do a photoshoot, with hair and makeup included for $125 (all proceeds go to the charity) Please send them my way! Lets make this a HUGE success!!!! Thank you so much sparkles for all of your love!! Peace, Love and Sparkles!!!
xoxo Paulina