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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night I had the honor of being invited to Havana Jax/Cuba Libre's reopening party along with Jacksonville Magazine's Launch Party! It was so much fun! As I was enjoying great hospitality, AMAZING Mojitos, and a fabulous live band, I started to realize this was actually a great location for my brides looking for a hot bachelorette party....on a budget! Let's face it, with all the expenses that come with making your day THE DAY, who has the budget to squeeze in an out of town last fling before the ring! Havana Jax brings Miami's heat and flavor to you! You can start off your night eating dinner in Havana Jax, which is by far the most authentic cuban restaurant in town. Once you are done obsessing over their mouth watering entrees (bitseque empanizado is my fave!) Then walk on over to the south beach feeling lounge Cuba Libre! Whether you want a low key night and want to relax with your girls in the lounge, or the inner dancing diva in you steps out into the dance floor...it is a gauranteed fun night out with the girls!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bridal Consultation with Judy Phounsavath


I just got done meeting with future bride Judy Phonsavath! The poor thing had already tried multiple makeup artist around town, and everytime left dissapointed with her look. Luckily, she came to me with a made up decision on exactly how she wanted to look. The picture she showed me was of this beautiful thai bride! She was breathtaking! As I looked at Judy's facial features and the picture, I knew she had chosen THE PERFECT look! As we chit chated about wedding stuff, Judy began telling me about her love story! This OF COURSE is my favorite part! It was actually really sweet how they first started dating when they were 16!!! Talk about first love! They lived in seperate cities and of course could not continue on in their relationship. YEARS later, one thing led to another and they BOTH ended up living in the same town, and 8 months later he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and proposed! The place she got engaged sounded like a dream! He took her to Atlanta's botanical garden! I have never been to those gardens and after hearing this it is definately on the list! He knew one of her favorite things were orchids, so he took her to the orchids garden, told her he wanted to take a picture....and got down on his knee to propose!!!!! How sweet is that? talk about the details!! Judy and Chris are getting married in spring of next year, and somehow I think that orchids will be very present that day! ;) I am so happy to be a part of their special day!