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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Radio Show

When I got a call from 7 time Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon miller to be on her radio show, I was shocked! Me? On the radio? My husband is known worldwide for his radio shows (and continues to do them internationally http://www.skipk.com/ ) but I have never been on the radio and was actually asking myself if they were asking for the wrong spouse! As I was talking to the olympic gymnastic legend, she was telling me about her lifestyle radio show and how she was doing her show on skin cancer and protection, and the aftermath of it like makeup to cover up! She wanted me to be an expert on her show! I was so incredibly excited!! I of course was a little nervous going in as this was the first for me on radio, (I've been on t.v. many times but radio is a different animal!) I asked my hubby for some pointers, and walked into the radio station with him and my parents! Everyone there was super nice, especially since we got there early in the morning! I heard all the things to do and not to do, how close your mic should be, all the goodies I have always just seen my hubby do, but didn't realize all the techinical stuff behind it! lol! As they addressed me, I felt comfortable in educating people on what I knew and love! It was amazing too because the Kelly brothers that are surf legends were also on the show talking about their charity on skin cancer. It was a truly rewarding time being their, but most importantly, it was amazing to share this "first time" with my husband, my family, and all of my fans that listened in. It is so great and exhilirating to be growing so much as a woman, and in my career with all of my sparkles. I thank you for following me on this amazing, yet crazy journey of mine! I thank you for all the support!! (Hope you guys liked the picture of me on air and my proud parents in front of the lit up "on air" sign!)

Brides Against Breast Cancer

So, I can't help but be tired from this weekend. Two weddings, 3 photoshoots, a bridal consultation, and if that wasn't enough to fill my friday through sunday I was asked to be on the expert panel for brides against cancer.... and of course I said yes! lol! Brides against Breast cancer is an organization where bridal boutiques donate their dresses, shoes, veils, and sparkles and because they were donated, they are sold to the brides at 70-80% cheaper than at the stores. The best part about it is that 100% of the proceeds go to the organization.
After a long day of work, I went down to the Hyatt on friday night to set up my booth and prepare to speak to the brides as an expert. I mingled with the brides and got to meet some of them before I spoke, and hung out with my friends from fantasy flowers and southern charm events! I got to answer some of the brides' questions and concerns about their makeup for their wedding day, but the most important was I got to listen into a representative of the charity talk about where exactly the money goes. They set up a "dreams come true" type of fund were women who are on the last stage of breast cancer and know it is terminal, can get their last wish. These wishes can vary from a last trip to Disney with their kids, a honeymoon with their hubby, you name it. To see her cry while she was talking about this was very touching. Cancer runs deep in my family and my aunt is a survivor of breast cancer. As I continued to work the event on all my free time during the week, it was incredible to see all the amazing vendors that came together to support such an amazing cause. Tanya from Southern Charm Events (Wedding Planner) Actually stayed with her family at the Hyatt all weekend to make sure the event was smooth sailing. Well, I am proud to say our hardwork payed off!! We raised $16,000 for the charity!!!! $16,000!!!!! How amazing is that??? 100% goes to the charity, and that just puts a smile on my face like you could not imagine!! I wanted to thank everyone who was a part of it and all my brides who came out to support!!! Their is so much love in the city, that I am proud to call home! Thank you Sparkles!!!! xoxoxo

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy July Fourth Weekend!!! Hope everyone is taking the time tomorrow to gather with family and friends and and celebrate our independence with the people you love! I wanted to share the two things I love for the holidays with you 1.) Makeup and 2.) Holiday Drinks for your guests!

Fourth of July Makeup Tips: If you are wanting a "Patriotic Look" in this summer heat make sure you use a translucent powder over your foundation to help absorb the pesky oils that the summer's humidity brings out. One I highly reccomend is Chanel's Double Perfection Powder. I am #2 but have your local Chanel representative match your color. As far as eyes go, an awesome eyeshadow primer is A MUST!!! My all time favorite is Too Face's eye Shadow Insurance!! LOVE IT! Keep the eyeshadows very neutral and maybe go as far as just using a beige or soft pearl color all over and and waterproof black liner, followed by mascara. My current favorite right now is Too Face's Lash Injection! I LOVE to make the cheeks super rosey to get that sun kissed look! Lips you have one of two choices, if you are doing a beach/pool day I would keep lips very soft maybe a soft coral lip gloss. However if you're not planning on getting wet, do it all up and rock the red lips! Go for it! It's the one day of the year to Red, White, and Shine!! Now I'm also going to give you one of my favorite drink recipies for this sparkly holiday:
Serves 2 to 4
3 cups small ice cubes
1 cup passion-fruit nectar
1/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup half and half
2 tablespoons Cointreau
1 splash orange juice
1 splas cocunut cream (optional)
Fresh passion fruit seeds for garnish
Place ice, passion-fruit nectar, vodka, half and half, Cointreau, orange juice, and coconut cream, if using, in a blender. Blend until smooth. Adjust consistency by adding more ice or juice as needed. Garnish with passion fruit seeds, and serve immediately.
ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!!!! We will be throwing a party with friends and family at my beach house! Gianni is looking forward to day of fun in the sun! Hope everyone has a blast! Cheers to the USA!! Keep shining your positivity my sparkles!!! xoxoxoxo