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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fundraiser for African orphanage

Most of you read my previous blog about how important this fundraiser for the African Orphange is to me. I was lucky enough to start my quest to raise money this last Sunday! My friend and amazing photographer Brittani Gordon Bowman came to help me with the project we started, in which we do a photoshoot with the cd, and a makover for the shoot, for donations to this cause. 100% of the proceeds go to help the children in the orphanage!!! I was very blessed that two former high school friends called me up upon reading my blog and wanted to help.
Melanie Jones, whom I met in grade school and continued being friends with in high school called me to do the shoot as a family picture. She recently got married to Heath, whom I just met Sunday and is hysterical! We had a great time getting her glamified for the shoot, and I got to meet her beautiful little boy Simon, whom I immediately fell in love with. He even told me he knew how to swim and said he would take me swimming! lol! I might have to take him up on his offer! ha! We just had such a good time getting her ready for her family shoot at the beach and it made me happy to see an old friend in adulthood with such a beautiful family of her own!
The second shoot of the day was the very talented Argie Mitra. Although Argie and I went to the same high school, it was actually her older brother and I that were in the same grade. Argie was the cute younger sibling that I would run into a million years ago when I use to work retail at Sephora. Argie would go into Sephora to get her makeup done by me, and here she was 5 years later back in my makeup chair, only this time in my very own studio, and helping me out for a GREAT cause. It was great to hear all the impressive things she has been up to like designing wardrobe for theatre. I love surrounding myself in the arts and Argie beams artistic rays! She was telling me how she had just traveled all over the country displaying her art, and this is all before she graduates! She graduates this May, which is why she even wanted a shoot....it was her senior pictures shoot! So graduation pictures and helping out the children in Africa all in a days work for Argie! lol!
I just want to thank everyone that came on Sunday for having the BIG hearts that you guys do!! AND if anyone else is interested in a shoot or know someone who is for this cause PLEASE let me know! Keep spreading positive vibes my sparkles! The world is a better place because of you!!
~Paulina Perez