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Monday, January 31, 2011


So I realize it's been a few months since I have written. Partly b/c things were crazy with the holidays, partly because I was getting ready for my trip to South Africa. Well, we all know how that turned out! So moving on to brighter things!!! This year I got into a group project called 52 weeks! It's a great creative outlet for people even if they aren't in the industry! The way it works is quite simple, every week for the whole year (52 weeks) there is a new theme! You can be as creative as you want want the only rule is YOU must take the picture! The project started off with WEEK ONE resolutions...... Of course most people think New Year's resolution! Which is why I cleverly arranged the measuring tape over my mouth, signifying the fact I would be more careful with what I ate. Clearly that resolution is already over, but hey, the picture is awesome! lol! Week 2 themed Home Sweet Home I was on my way to South Africa, and due to an emotionally hard week I opted out of that week. Week THREE Mini me!!!! How could I not post a picture of my favorite little assistant Gianni!!!!!! Week 4 is a wild card, so I opted for a picture I took in London. Wanted to share my trip and wildcard was the best way to showcase it! That brings us to WEEK FIVE.... Life in Motion. Haven't taken a picture yet....... what are some ideas you guys would do for this??? I would love my sparkles to join in on 52 weeks!!! It's so much fun and a great project for us to share in every week!!!!!! Like the page called 52 weeks on facebook and join in one the fun!!!!
Talk to you soon sparkles!!!! xoxoxoxo