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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


UGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I feel like screaming! I have been on this yo yo diet for 2 months now where I am really good for a week and than once I have my cheat day I don't want to go back to my diet for another 2 weeks! I have gained 20 lbs, and although I don't look fat... I still don't want to make this ok because that is how the weight will continue to go up! I need advice. How do my sparkles keep motivated? I LOVE BAD FOOD! It really makes me happy! I am one of those dorks that watches all the food travel shows and enjoys every detailed description of what the food taste like. The idea of not being able to eat what I want when I want drives me absolutely crazy! The more you try the more you realize EVERYTHING is bad for you! I was told to eat only 1,200 calories to loose weight.... I feel like I am going anorexic doing this. Do people really survive this 1,200 calorie diet without killing someone? lol! Or maybe normal people's moods don't depend on eating amazing yummy scrumptious food!!! lol!!! September 1st I will be a member of a gym and I think that will also help me out..... so if anyone is close to the Queen's Harbour area and wants to work out, maybe I just need a little workout team. Or MAYBE I need to join the couch to 5k teams or start one for myself. Maybe this time next year I will be ready for The Donna Deagan Breast Cancer Marathon. Ok.... well maybe I am jumping way ahead of myself now!! lol! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING WITH THE I LOVE TO EAT DISEASE!!!!! Will I ever loose weight? Or am I destined to keep gaining! OMG I shouldn't even think that out loud! Power of positive thinking right? I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT! I WILL!!!!! So.... anyone interested in doing couch to 5k? lol! We could have a Team Sparkles at the next Marathon!

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  1. I'd rather be fat and happy then skinny and miserable -- I eat what I want, and the only reason I'm not big is because of the one thing I can control: what I drink. I literally drink NOTHING but water. That's it. No tea, no juice, no milk, and NO SOFT DRINKS. Not for dietary reasons, but because I've never liked anything but water.