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Thursday, February 4, 2010


So Pin Up style makeup, clothing, shoes, ect. seem to be what's hot right now. Pin up style bathing suites (with a moderm twist of course) are going to be the big thing this year! With all this hype on sweet and sexy makeup and photography has started to lean towards this look, especially coming up so close on the big V-DAY! I was lucky enough not only to work with the talented Christy Whithead for a pinup shoot, but she also found the most amazing hotel to take pictures in. Every room in this hotel is 50's themed and you actually feel like your back in time if you are there long enough.
When we got there, my friend Alina Castillo (Pin up hair expert) was already working on a model's hair. We each quickly got to work and before you know it we were feeding off each other, coming up with cute sexy poses for the girls, and having so much fun! I absolutely love making women look and feel beautiful enough to feel sexy and take pictures that they will look back on and cherish! Some of the girls were taking pictures for their boyfriends/husbands. Others were going to send them to their boyfriends over seas. The best were the girls that were like "I'm doing this for myself while I still can!" lol!!!
We are actually doing another pinup shoot tomorrow, I believe two spots are still available and would love to accomade whomever would like to join in on the fun! I'm even looking in my closet to see if there is anything I want to be photgraphed in! Guess it's time to shop for a cute pinup dress!!! lol!
XOXO Keep Sparkling!!!!

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