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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am soooooo excited to announce the hottest thing to hit Jacksonville!!! As a makeup artist, most of us dream about what it would be like to have our OWN line! Well, one local artist (Sarah Johnson) went out and achieved just that, calling it GLAMOUR AND GLOSS! I havent had the chance to play with it just yet... but the word on the street is that the line is high in pigment and has a great variety of color, perfect for anything from your every day look to your divas night out! I asked Sarah about the durability of her makeup, and she said it has such great staying power, she tested in water and she came out with everything in place! This would be great for all my teary brides, or my work out divas! If you are a fashion forward diva, which I know most of you are, you want to be the first to get your hands on the hottest thing circulating Jacksonville's Beauty Market right now!! I am honored to be one of the first people lucky enough to get to play with GLAMOUR AND GLOSS and would like to invite you guys to join me also in the playtime! I LOVE supporting local artits, and Sarah Johnson has accomplished so much, that I am excited to be one of the firsts to experience this before she starts selling in stores! If you would like to join me message my facebook account or post a comment! The fun takes place next Thursday the 24th! Hope you can make it!

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