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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#4 of inexpensive sweet things to do for Valentine's day week!!

Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day yesterday!!!! As most of you guys know from yesterday's video blog..... I surprised Skip yesterday morning when he woke up to a room full of valentine day balloons!!! It was really sweet! We spent most of the day working.... but later in the day/evening took time to just relax and be sweet to each other, something we do everyday, but it was just somehow different yesterday! I swear holidays make me mushy!! LOL! Skip got me a day of relaxation at a resort here locally called One Ocean. It's a beautiful boutique hotel right on the beach, and the relaxation day includes an ocean view Japanese massage that is suppose to leave you SUPER relaxed..... I'm drooling already!!! LOL! He says he wanted to pamper me because I spend my days pampering everyone else! He is so sweet!
So this morning I thought, why does Valentine week have to end? I can do another unexpected surprise!! So I made his favorite scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, and use the same heart shaped cookie cutter we used for sunday's blog placed the cooked egg in there to mold my eggs into a heart shape! here is what you do!
1.) Make your favorite scrambled egg recipe
2.) Place the heart shaped cookie cutter on the plate you will be eating off of.
3.) place the eggs in the cookie cutter until it fills up, than pack it down with a spatula or spoon.
4.) CAREFULLY remove the cookie cutter and repeat!
5.) Make it extra fun and include bacon!! We used Turkey bacon! Just as yummy and more healthy! ;)
Hope you guys enjoy this one tomorrow with your loved one!!
As always, Peace, Love, and Sparkles!!!! xoxoxo

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